Highland Bothy Exclusive



Each limited-edition launch bottle is accompanied by hand-strung Scottish leather amulets and finished with Cairngorm inspired smoky quartz stone tie weights. Personally signed by the founders, each bottle is adorned with exclusive hand-selected leather hide, supplied from the world’s leading fine leather supply company Muirhead Leather of Scotland.


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Inspired by Scotland’s spirit. Dochus Highland Bothy is distinctively aromatic, capturing the character of the floral surrounds of the Cairngorm Mountains with a balance of sweet notes and smooth smoky flavour.

Distinguishable by its bright amber hue, Highland Bothy is the lighter variety in the Dochus range. Taking inspiration from Scotland’s signature dark spirit, Highland Bothy offers an alcohol-free alternative. Derived from the purest spring water from the Cairngorm Mountains, then combined with a blend of the finest botanical extracts and the essence of single malt whisky barrels, Dochus offers a unique experience. With a distinguishable warming mouthfeel of traditional Scottish whisky Dochus contains zero alcohol, fewer calories and is 100% hangover free. Pure spirit, independent mind.


Distinctively aromatic with floral notes and a sweet aroma of light salted caramel. Notes of sharp green apples meet a touch of juicy citrus ending with a rich creamy finish.


A pleasantly full and deep-bodied taste is followed by citrus notes from grilled orange and balanced with sweet biscuit flavours.


A long and sweet finish from flavours of apricot and wood with lingering hints of brandy cask.


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